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    The TEC BASIC training is intended for people who want to improve their knowledge and diving skills using double tank set – Twinset. Academic and in-water sessions of this program also help and prepare the diver to embark on the path of technical training.
    What will you learn …?The training includes, among others:

    * • proper twinset configuration.

    * • scuba set trimming and techniques to improve the neutral buoyancy.

    * • maneuvering and propulsion techniques training: frog kick, modified frog kick, modified flutter, back kick, helicopter turn.

    * • correct fitting of the fixed harness and handling of its elements.

    * • construction and operation of double tank set.

    * • Two and three-member dive team work and cooperation.

    * • MINIMUM DECO dive planning method.

    * • Dive computer and electronic depth gauges operation.

    * • Correct tank valve operation.

    * • The proper use of regulators on the long hose with the support of measuring instruments control.

    * • Regulator construction and its proper set-up.

    * • Regulator freezing and prevention; the proper breathing techniques under water.

    * • Managing the typical diving equipment failures

    * • Underwater rescue.

    * • Stressful situations avoidance and ability to operate under stress.

    * • Properties of diving gases in relation to the diver’s certification.

    * • Threats anticipation.

    * • Using the primary and backup light.

    While increasing comfort and safety during individual dives, this training is to prevent you from embedding the bad habits underwater.

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