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    The ISSF Cave Limited Diver course is a step into the dark zone (beyond the cavern zone). Expanding skills from the cavern course, it introduces to knowledge and techniques necessary for deep penetration. It provides sufficient knowledge and allows cave diving without the linear meter limit of the cave entrance (but without taking any navigation decisions)

    Are you interested in this training? Find your instructor.


    Applicants for the program must:

    • be 21 years of age.

    • have passed the ISSF Cavern Diver course or equivalent from another training agency.

    • have passed the ISSF Advanced Nitrox 42 course or equivalent from another training agency.

    • have completed a minimum of 120 dives (including at least 25 at the Advanced Nitrox level).

    If you think you are lacking in the required knowledge, contact your ISSF instructor who will help you to fill in the gaps.


    NOTE! this course can be combined with the Cavern Diver Limited course. The package is to include the amount of classes of particular courses (refers to academic classes, field exercises, the number and the thematic scope of dives).

    The training lasts 2 days and includes:

    • 4 dives

    • 8 hours of academic classes and field exercises (theory, configuration, skills workshop)

    The program details and gear requirements will be presented by your ISSF instructor. Contact him.

    Your ISSF Instructors


    It gives the ability of cave diving with no linear distance limit of the cave entrance

    “In diving… there are no shortcuts”