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    try diving

    Would you like to dive … but you do not know if you are able to complete the full course of Open Water Diver 20? Does not matter. The short program Try Dive (try diving) is just for you.
    During this training you will get familiar with the basic diving theory knowledge to make your first dive in a controllable way, up to a maximum depth of 5 meters.
    Prerequisites for the training:

    • 14 years of age

    • Able to swim

    • Good health

    The ISSF instructor teaches the classes in a flexible way, fitting the way the training is conducted to the participants’ capabilities. Before in-water session, the instructor familiarize you with the safety rules and the fundamentals of the SCUBA equipment operation. For the first time you will take a breath from a professional regulator and you will learn how the buoyancy compensator works.

    “In diving…there are no shortcuts”