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    Open Water Diver

    The OWD 20 ISSF training is intended for people who want to start an adventure with recreational diving. Solid theoretical and practical basis is a pillar of safe diving. Open Water Diver 20 is one of the most important diving training programs you will take in your life. The curriculum is focused on learning practical skills, in the real-world diving conditions. OWD program brings you to the first contact with the emergency procedures training, what makes you a better and more responsible buddy underwater.

    Applicants for the program must:

    •be 16 years of age (14 years for Junior Open Water Diver 12m)

    •be able to swim

    •be in good health


    During the OWD 20 course, you will learn how to safely perform recreational diving using SCUBA equipment. The training consists of four components: self-study, academic sessions, pool/confined water sessions and open water diving experience activities. During pool/confined water sessions you will spend a minimum of 330 minutes in the water under the guidance of professional ISSF instructors. During pool/ confined water sessions you will learn the skills you need in open water dives. From the start you will learn the correct in-water position, buoyancy control, as well as proper finning techniques. During this training you will also acquire basic rescue skills, which you will expand at the subsequent levels of advancement.
    Upon completing the course you will represent an above-average level of diving experience.
    Duration: 5-6 days.

    Qualifications : you are qualified to dive without a formal decompression to a depth of 20 meters.

    “In diving…there are no shortcuts”