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    Technical diving is inseparably connected with the acceptance of incomparably greater risk than in recreational diving. Until now, you could end your dive at any time. When making a decision about technical training, you will have to deal with any potential problems under the water surface, without the possibility of an immediate ascent to the surface. This level of difficulty requires adequate mental and physical preparation as well as high skills and an uncompromising approach to the reasonable planning of dives and diving as planned. ISSF technical diver training focuses on learning your own limitations underwater.

    Performing exercises in controlled conditions, under the guidance of an experienced ISSF instructor, you will test your capabilities. Only your own skills, knowledge and reason will allow you to successfully complete your diving projects. You must never give up during classes or diving! At the same time, you need to know when to stop diving in order not to endanger your and your team’s safety. You will acquire all of the above skills at ISSF technical training.

    “In diving…there are no shortcuts”