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    sidemount system

    If you want to get familiar with a new configuration, be safer and equipped with a larger amount of breathing gas , this is the right place! However, if you have already dived with the double tank configuration set – twinset, you will certainly appreciate the option of relieving your back with the sidemount system. The sidemount configuration means also more mobility underwater …

    Applicants for the program must:

    • be 18 years of age

    • have passed Open Water Diver ISSF or equivalent from another training agency.

    • have completed and logged at least 50 non-training dives with a total time of no less than 25 hours.

    • have completed at least 20 dives in a dry suit if the course requires this type of suit.

    • have the abilities at an Open Water Diver ISSF certification level.


    During the classes with an experienced ISSF instructor, you will learn the proper gear configuration and sidemount system operation. You will learn its advantages and disadvantages. During the training, you will make at least 5 dives with a underwater total time no shorter than 200 minutes. The training lasts a minimum of 2 days.


    The ability and knowledge in the field of the sidemount system operation within no-decompression limits.

    “In diving… there are no shortcuts”