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    MOD 80

    The training is aimed at divers who want to perform technical diving to a depth of 80 meters with the use of hypoxic gases and at least three stage cylinders.

    Are you interested in this training? Find your instructor.


    Applicants for the program must:

    • be a minimum of 21 years of age

    • have passed ISSF Trimix Diver MOD 60 or equivalent from another training agency.

    • have logged a minimum of 200 dives (a minimum of 150 hours), 20 of which at least performed to a depth greater than 50 meters, with the use of trimix gas mixtures.

    If you think you are lacking in the required knowledge, contact your ISSF instructor who will help you to fill in the gaps.


    The training consists of a minimum of 6 training dives, each of which cannot be shorter than 40 minutes. The total time of in-water practice cannot be shorter than 300 minutes. The percentage of oxygen content in bottom gas mixture cannot be less than 14% .


    Getting the Trimix MOD 80 certification enables the diver to do decompression dives with decompression gases, without time limits to a depth of no more than 80 meters with an oxygen percentage component of no less than 14% in the bottom gas mixture.

    “In diving… there are no shortcuts