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    Each positively completed ISSF diving program ends with a certificate confirming the acquired skills.

    Thanks to the commitment and acquired skills you earn a document that gives you the opportunity to dive in various regions of the globe. Take the certificate with you when you are traveling. You certainly deserve it! ISSF students receive a plastic card and access to the electronic version of the certificate via the website. Thanks to such a solution, the forgotten or lost document in the plastic card version will not stop you from diving while being in a remote place in the world. While diving … stick to the rules of the ISSF divers. Thanks to this you will always be safe and ready to take care of your family …

    ISSF training programs meet the following standards:

    PN-EN ISO 24801-1:2014

    PN-EN ISO 24801-2:2014

    PN-EN ISO 24801-3:2014

    PN-EN ISO 24802-1:2014

    PN-EN ISO 24802-2:2014

    “In diving…there are no shortcuts”