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    DIVER 45

    A short training program that expands the knowledge within ISSF Advanced Nitrox training and the use of helium mixtures in decompression diving, up to a maximum depth of 45m.
    The purpose of the helium mixtures use in diving is to reduce (gas density) gas narcosis, taking also advantage of the mixed gas properties.

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    Applicants for the program must:

    • be 18 years of age

    • have passed at least Advanced Nitrox Diver or equivalent from another training agency (the candidates are required to complete Rescue training) and logged a minimum of 50 dives with a total time of no less than 35 hours spent underwater (not included in the training dives), 10 of which below the depth of 30m at least.

    • The training can be carried along with the ISSF Advanced Nitrox course in the combined version.

    • Complete the entry test with the result of at least 80% of the correct answers.
    If you think you are lacking in the required knowledge, contact your ISSF instructor who will help you to fill in the gaps.

    Training program

    The training includes the Advanced Nitrox Diver 42 course program, expanded to include planning and appropriate helium mixtures diving techniques.
    The training lasts 2 days and includes a minimum of 3 training dives with a total time of no less than 120 minutes.
    In the case of training conducted in the combined version, with the Advanced Nitrox Diver 42 course, there is no need to double the practical exercises. However, there is one additional dive with the helitrox mixture, performed within the scope of the ISSF Advanced Nitrox Diver 42 training.

    In diving… there are no shortcuts”