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    guiding diver

    The program focuses on teaching future dive guides, to conduct safe guided underwater diving tours and maintain the control over a group as well as to provide a reasonable assistance to an instructor during a training. The successfully completed Divemaster ISSF program opens up the path to the ISSF instructor training.

    Applicants for the program must:

    • be 18 years of age

    • have passed an entry-test on the recreational diving theory

    • have mastered finning techniques: , modified flutter kick, frog kick, modified frog kick

    • be certified, at least, as Rescue Deep Diver 40 ISSF or equivalent from another training agency (i.e. Rescue Diver + Deep Diver), Nitrox Diver, Twinset Diver or Sidemount Diver rating. The Advanced Nitrox Diver 42 ISSF is recommended. For the training conducted in cold water environment with the temperature below 13 degrees Celsius, a Dry Suit Diver course is required as well as the ability to operate it.

    • have successfully completed a First Aid course, no later than 2 years prior to the ISSF Divemaster training. An oxygen rescuer training recommended.

    • have completed the minimum of 100 dives with a total time of no less than 50 hours.

    •have completed water fitness and swim test evaluation.


    ISSF Dive Guide training is the first level of professional training focusing on safety of guided dives. The course covers the following topics: first aid, rescue, underwater problem solving, operating under stress, psychological aspects of diving and risk assessment, navigation, planning, incorrect gear configuration, most common mistakes in recreational diving and many others.


    A minimum of 5 days and 8 dives with a total time of no less than 320 minutes.
    The course is conducted over, a minimum, 5 days; it requires at least 8 dives with a total time of no less than 320 minutes.


    Sufficient knowledge and skills to conduct and supervise diving groups. The successfully completed training ends with the Divemaster ISSF certification, which opens up the path to the ISSF Open Water Instructor program.

    “In diving… there are no shortcuts”