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    wreck diver

    Wreck diving gives unbelievable satisfaction. It brings you the opportunity to dive on sunken giants, rich in their history. During the training you will learn the basic rules of diving on sunken wrecks and coping with difficult conditions created by strong currents or fishing nets.

    Applicants for the program must:

    • be a minimum of 16 years of age

    • have passed ISSF Open Water Diver 20 or equivalent from another training agency.

    • have passed ISSF Navigation and Recovery or equivalent of another training agency.

    • have completed a minimum of 20 non-training dives with a total time spent underwater no shorter than 600 minutes.


    Wreck training is intended for people who want to safely move underwater exploring sunken artificial underwater objects. It is a substantial amount of knowledge and skills needed for responsible wreck diving. The training program covers among others: wreck navigation methods, cutting free through the net, diving in seas and oceans, diving in the current rules, legal aspects of wreck diving, self-rescue techniques and others, that you will learn about during the ISSF wreck course .
    The training lasts a minimum of 2 days during which you will perform at least 4 dives with a total time of no less than 120 minutes.

    The training outcomes:

    Successfully completed ISSF wreck diver training, will open the doors to wreck diving within the depth limits according to your certification, but not deeper than 40 meters.

    “In diving… there are no shortcuts”