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    Highly advanced training for experienced and mentally strong divers (with appropriate predispositions for this kind of diving) intended to prepare for advanced cave diving. The course program includes advanced techniques to conduct full penetration cave dives. The training provides students with real competences to perform cave dives of any level of complexity (adapted to the individual technical training level, certification and psychological and physical capabilities).

    Are you interested in this training? Find your instructor.


    Applicants for the program must:

    • be of 21 years of age.

    • have earned the ISSF Cave Diver Limited certificate or equivalent from another training agency

    • have earned the ISSF Extended Range Diver 50 or equivalent certificate from another training agency

    • At least 200 non-training dives (with at least 50 dives at the Extended Range level)

    If you think you are lacking in the required knowledge, contact your ISSF instructor who will help you to fill in the gaps.


    NOTE! The course can be combined with Cavern Diver and Cave Diver Limited courses. The package is to include the amount of classes of particular courses (refers to academic classes, field exercises, the number and the thematic scope of dives).
    The training lasts 4 days and includes:

    • 6 dives

    • 12 hours of academic classes and field exercises (theory, configuration, skills workshop)

    The program details and gear requirements will be presented by your ISSF instructor. Contact him.

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