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    diving with scooter

    Do you want to move faster over longer distances underwater, wasting no time and gas needed to reach interesting places? You can get it with the underwater scooter training. It is certainly one of the most enjoyable courses you have had the opportunity to participate.

    Applicants for the program must:

    • be a minimum of 18 years of age

    • have passed ISSF Open Water Diver 20 or equivalent from another training agency

    • have completed a minimum of 25 non-training dives with a total time spent underwater no less than 750 minutes


    For many years intended for technical diving: wreck and cave diving, DPV has been increasingly popular with recreational divers in order to reduce the effort and gas consumption underwater and to faster cover the distance and reach the point of interest.
    The ISSF DPV Diver training is designed for people who want to broaden their skills within underwater scooter techniques. During the course, the ISSF Instructor provides knowledge concerning DPV diving techniques, potential threats and underwater scooter failure, planning, weighting, configuration, body position while moving with DPV and many more.

    Outcomes of the training:

    A successfully completed course ends with the DPV Diver ISSF certification. It opens new opportunities and paths to even more interesting dives.

    “In diving… there are no shortcuts”